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Freeman: Kabbalah, Sigil Magick and Cell Phones

Cell phones, Kabbalah and sigil magick -

I decided to post this here, at my repository website TrueFreethinker, since my working website Worldview and Science Examiner would not allow for the within article images which follow.
During an interview, a researcher who goes by the name of Freeman made a passing reference to the effect that within their logo, the Talpa Media Group rearranged the traditional placement of the sephirot on the Kabbalistic tree so that kether/heaven is now in the place of da'ath/the abyss (incidentally, for whether da'ath has anything to do with darth, see Darth Vader and the Kabbalah?).
Just the above statement could be accompanied by much elucidation and yet, our purpose is not to delve into such minutia. It will serve our purpose to note that Kabbalah aka Qabalah aka Cabala is a Hebrew word meaning receiving and/or tradition, for which there are many transliterations and of which there are many branches such as Jewish, Hermetic, Christian, Freemasonic, etc. It has been called everything from magick, to mysticism, to occult science and forms the background of just about any and all mystery religions, secret societies, magickal orders, occult groups, etc. by any other name.

In the article, Mark of the Beast & 666, Freeman writes:
“In the Qabalistic system of Crowley, the Abyss contains the 11th (hidden) sephira, Da'ath, which separates the lower sephiroth from the supernals. This account derives from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’s view of Genesis, in which Da'ath represents the fall of man from a unified consciousness into a duality between ego and divine nature.”

Qliphoth aka Qelippot aka Kelipot means peels, shells or husks and represent evil or impure forces; the other or opposite of holiness. Freeman continues by noting that these are:

“Shades of the dead whose names appear in the books of Dyzan or Thoth, or the Book of the Law (AL). They may contain formulae of magical powers. Robert Anton Wilson calls them ‘souls of those who died insane’. To understand the qliphothic powers fully, could result in the destruction of the ego, and therefore lead to actual madness. The Qliphoth is the psychic equivalent of working with toxic wastes. The Qliphoth are separation or ‘excrement’ or negative representations of Divinity: Samael, Beelzbub, Lillith.”
In any regard, there are various ways that the Kabbalah tree has been illustrated as can be seen here:
Kabbalah tree 1_0.jpg Kabbalah tree 2.jpg
Kabbalah tree 3.jpg
Kabbalah tree 4.jpg
Kabbalah tree 5.jpg
Kabbalah tree 6.jpg
David Bowie drawing Kabbalah tree.
Comparing these with the Talpa logo one can see what is meant by their rearranging—the top sephira in the middle row is moved down (but also note that the bottom three sephirot in the middle row have been moved up):
Talpa.jpg Kabbalah Talpa.jpg
If Talpa was doing so on purpose, and not just happening upon a shape that looks like a rearranged Kabbalah tree; note that their logo ends up looking just like a typical telephone key pad (sans the un-number keys; the star and pound) and also is much like the ten key pad on a computer’s keyboard, on TV remotes, some calculators, etc.:
Phone.jpg k t p.jpg
Now, anyone with some familiarity with the occult art of sigil plotting will recognize the following as being a sigil plotted on the Kabbalah of Nine Chambers system:
There are a great variety of manners whereby to plot sigils; from grids to ciphers (such as the aforementioned Kabbalah of Nine Chambers), Scrying Tables, etc. drawing lines from letter to letter or number to number forms the sigils:
tables 1.jpg tables 2.jpg
tables 3.jpg
Some even use magickal languages such as John Dee with Enochian and Damien Echols (of the West Memphis Three-WM3 murder case about which you can read here) who uses the Theban Script aka Honorian Alphabet aka Runes of Honorius aka Witch’s Alphabet. He has such sigils tattooed on himself and has, in turn, had them tattooed on his friends and supporters such as the actor Johnny Depp and the director Peter Jackson:
Damien Echols Depp.jpg
Johnny Depp
Peter Jacison
This is an interesting sigil from Madonna’s Superbowl ritual/performance (she stated that the Superbowl is like the holy of holies):

Now, let us get back to the sigil plotted via the Kabbalah of Nine Chambers system:
plot 1.jpg
Actually, it is not sigil plotted on the Kabbalah of Nine Chambers system but just someone’s cell phone pass word:
plots 1.jpg
plots 2.jpg
Or, so the question becomes, it is both a Kabbalah of Nine Chambers sigil which we are plotting in the guise of a cell phone pass word?

Lastly, note that the term Talpa is similar to Tulpa which is a Buddhist term which refers to “building” or “constructing” in terms of a “magical emanation” of a “conjured thing” such as a “phantom”:

…a concept in mysticism of a being or object which is created through sheer spiritual or mental discipline alone….any unreal, illusory or mind created apparition…a materialized thought that has taken physical form and is usually regarded as synonymous to a thoughtform…

One early Buddhist text, the Samannaphala Sutta lists the ability to create a ‘mind-made body’ (mano-maya-kaya)…

Asanga’s Bodhisattvabhumi, defines nirmana [aka nirmita aka tulpa] as a magical illusion and ‘basically, something without a basis’…

The term ‘thoughtform’ is used as early as 1927 in Evans-Wentz’s translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead…

As the Tibetan use of the tulpa concept is described in the book Magical Use of Thoughtforms, the student was expected to come to the understanding that the tulpa was just a hallucination. While they were told that the tulpa was a genuine deity, ‘The pupil who accepted this was deemed a failure – and set off to spend the rest of his life in an uncomfortable hallucination’…

Alexandra David-Neel, a Belgian-French explorer, spiritualist and Buddhist, who observed these practices in 20th century Tibet. Alexandra wrote that ‘an accomplished Bodhisattva is capable of…producing magic formations, tulkus or less lasting and materialized tulpas...’…Alexandra also wrote of the tulpa's ability to develop a mind of its own: ‘Once the tulpa is endowed with enough vitality to be capable of playing the part of a real being, it tends to free itself from its maker's control.
This, say Tibetan occultists, happens nearly mechanically, just as the child, when his body is completed and able to live apart, leaves its mother's womb’. Alexandra claimed to have created a tulpa in the image of a jolly Friar Tuck-like monk which later developed a life of its own and had to be destroyed. Alexandra raised the possibility that her experience was illusory: ‘I may have created my own hallucination.’ [source]


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