Saturday, February 11, 2017

Gibbs Mark - The final deception. + KS Reality Talks interview

Gibbs, Mark - The final deception. 
Hidden history and the rise of the imposter christ
The Final Deception (book) by Mark Gibbs. Hidden History


The Imposter Christ of the Gospels, Etc: A Biblical Scholar's Perspective

Mark Gibbs is a credentialled Biblical scholar living in Bali, Indonesia, one of our newly revealed Al-Hum-Bhra Cathedral Gate locations.

He shares his views on the irreconciliable anomalies in the Gospels, that there had been at least two different historical personas called 'Christ', how the 'Christ' of the Hyksos Race superceded the True Christ.
He talks about his "past life memories" from the time of the Cathars in southern France as a "triple agent" of that drama, how some of his own writings have correlated with E'Asha Ashayana's Voyagers 2 book, the Keylontic Science Hidden Earth Histories, Illuminati / FatalE time travel mechanics, the understanding of the non-interactive nature they now have with the Fail-Safe timelines.

Mark shares the tribal roots of the Balinese people, the curious "Krystic" street signs and possible future timeline 'pop-up's'. The many synchronicities with 'Guardian songs' presented in the workshops. He shares about one of his children's ability to see Plasma Bodies, the "Yoshi Yaden' story". The idea of "Sleeping Contracts" and humanity assisting the ascension without ever hearing about it.

He is the author of a trilogy of books, the last of which is "The Final Deception: Hidden History and the Rise of the Imposter Christ". Download the ebook for free here:

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