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Aligning With Earth: The Omnipresent Nature

Picture of a human being standing in the middle of the Universe. The Omnipresent Nature

The Omnipresent Nature

At this very moment, while we’re sitting here and talking, we’re simultaneously living through all the levels, which we have or have not realized. It’s not that we only live the life of a human being here. We are also angels, fairies, extraterrestrials, whales, dolphins, dragons, ghosts, Saints, Ascended Masters, God-People, Buddhas and many more. It’s because there are many such levels in the Universe.

For example, you’re going to have a vegetarian barbecue today. You put a variety of things on the skewer: a piece of bell pepper over here, a piece of tofu over there, a piece of zucchini, a piece of wheat gluten, a piece of veggie ham, so on and so forth. Then, when you hold the whole skewer up, you will be able to see its entire contents. Everything is in your hand. Human life is the same. In one instant, we’re able to embody all nature, and knowledge of every level in the Universe. It’s just that we don’t know this.

Life as a Human Being

In this lifetime, we chose to be a human being. Therefore, we have to close all the other gates in order for us to be able to fulfill the human life at this time. If the other gates were wide open as well, you would know that you are also an angel, fairy, Saint, BuddhaAscended Master or past, present and future; then you would not be able to fulfill the responsibility, the duty as well as the journey you have chosen to take in this life. Hence, there are no third, fourth and fifth levels at all. Everything is us. The third is us, the fourth is also us, and the second is us as well.

If we want to return to all the beings of which we are, then we would choose to practice the Inner Light and Sound Meditation to regain all this immense knowledge. The higher the level we practice at, the more we are able to know that we are indeed everything. All beings are ONE, for that matter. 

If we choose not to practice, then we only know that we are just a human being who lives a mundane existence. We wake up in the morning, dress up, go to work, go back home, eat dinner, watch TV, and sleep. That’s all we do almost our entire lives without knowing anything else.

Whereas, if we see that the chosen journey of being this human being seems to be a mistake, which makes us bored and we want to know more, then by practicing the Inner Light and Sound Meditation, we’ll be able to know more. Our life will naturally become different.

For example, now there’s a skewer that has everything on it; but while you bite a piece of zucchini, you only know the zucchini taste. We’re hungry and zucchini is our favorite, so we eat the piece of zucchini first, and we only know the zucchini taste. Our mentality, our enjoyment was focused only on that piece of zucchini.

Although, we have a skewer full of other things, we don’t pay attention to them, so we don’t know. Not paying attention also means that we don’t know. Naturally, we have it all but we either do not pay attention to it or ignore its presence. It’s because of our mind. Our whole attention is being focused on a piece of zucchini. Since we so enjoy eating it and only think of enjoying its taste first, we inadvertently forget the others. Only when we choose to enjoy other tastes will we be able to recall something spontaneously.

The Eternal Now

While living this human life we often think that we have the sixth sense. While sitting in one place, we sometimes intuitively feel that we seem to remember something so unfamiliar. We have never done such a thing before, but we know. Also, sometimes we want to do something in the future but we feel frightened all of a sudden. We then call it the sixth sense. The sixth sense told us that we should not engage in such a business.

Sometimes, when we are in the middle of doing something, we think: Oh, this definitely cannot be done. We know that instinctively. How could we know it when we haven’t done that yet? Many say it’s the sixth sense. Others say it comes from our past life experience.

Actually, it’s not. It’s just a talk of the subconscious, a talk of a past life or future life experience. Actually, there is no past life or future life. There’s only the Eternal Now. There’s only human life, which is an infinite and endless chain. It’s because we differentiate it into past and future, we chose it to be like that.

In so doing we have isolated and differentiated experiences that are separate.  Like our home, we divide it into separate rooms. However, it’s still our home. Before we subdivided it, it was an open space. We divide it in order for us to have separate areas to do our own private work. Similarly, in the eternal life of a human being or of any sentient being, there are many sections for that same reason.

There Is No Time and Space

From the perspective of our Spirit or Infinite Divine Self/Being (who resides in Eternity and Infinity), there is in reality no such state as ‘past’ lives, ‘future’ lives or even ‘lives’. All those experiences we know as lives are in fact the continuum of a single collective experience of the Infinite Self, simultaneously experienced across all what we know as time periods or time tracks relative to the human concept of what we call time.

In the level of consciousness of the Divine Self, time does not exist and is not experienced. Time is a human construct. The human mind/consciousness is not capable of processing/experiencing all of its simultaneous incarnations concurrently. Instead, our mind orders experiences into a linear series—that time has a Past, a Present and a Future.

Therefore from the perspective of our Divine Self and those individuals who have attained that high level of consciousness (or enlightenment), there is no such concept as reincarnation.  Once we are enlightened, we would understand that the Spirit never reincarnates.  It is just our habitual thinking, our desires, our attachments that reincarnate. If we know the Spirit, if we are enlightened, we would understand that we are not reincarnated anywhere. We are never born and never die.

There is no time and space. They are just a result of our choosing to become a human being alone, to do the work we wanted to do now. Otherwise, it would be so boring if we were to complete all the past and future work in one life. We wanted to descend to this world at this time just to choose to become a human being only.

We will then choose to be an angel, a fairy or a Buddha at another stage. Then when we want to choose to become a ghost or demon, we would choose to be it at another time. We would shut the time and space gate to create an isolated area in order for us to become a human being, ghost, demon, fairy or angel.

Fulfilling Our Human Duties

The life of every being is a long and endless chain. All is housed in this time frame only, without any present, past and future. It is we who chose a certain angle of life to complete the program that we wanted or to experiment with what we like. We like to do it in order to experience it; that’s all. If at the same time we knew that we were also a Saint or a Buddha, then we wouldn’t be able to fulfill our duty as a human being at all.

If we already knew that we were God then it would be impossible for us to sit there and cry after being left by a husband. Crying without real passion. If we sob without real passion, then we wouldn’t be able to feel the suffering of a wife being left by her husband. We wouldn’t be able to completely fulfill the role we designed to test ourselves. We try it in order to know how deep the suffering will be. Thus, when someone speaks of the suffering of the one who was left behind, we can understand and express our sympathy toward him/her. We will then try to help resolve their problem for we have already walked the same road before.

If the Buddha would have sat still in one place, he wouldn’t have anything to do at all. He wouldn’t have had sorrow or worry, and it would still have been considered okay. If we happen to choose such a journey, then it’s still all right. There are many people who choose to try all tastes of irony and bitterness just for fun. Because in the long, long life of eternity in the universe, if we didn’t choose to try this today and try that tomorrow, then we would be bored to death. Today we leave the husband, tomorrow he will leave us and that’s fun.

Let’s look at another example, actors and actresses. Your favorite actor or Natalie Portman. At the time she played the role of Padmé Amidala, she must have used all her mental strength, energy, focus and knowledge in order to perform that role well. If, at that moment, she still recalled that she was Natalie Portman, then she would not have been able to play the role well.

The Saints or God-People are the same. When they have to play the role of a human being, they have to play it right, meaning that it has to be a hundred percent human. If they still associate themselves with Sainthood or Godhood, then they will never be able to play the role of a human being. The Saints and God-People are so great with miraculous powers; they wouldn’t sit there and sob their heart out because their wife or husband had left them. It would never happen.

Returning to Our Original Self

You have chosen to forget yourself so that you can fulfill your human responsibilities. Now you are so bored with being a human being. You have been a human being for too long; you have tried this kind of life over and over without being able to get out. It’s so boring; just think of it. Since there’s nothing exciting anymore, we want to go back to being something highly conscious. We want to go back to being a Saint, a Buddha, an Ascended Master, etc. Then, we should choose the Inner Light and Sound Meditation Path to follow.


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