Saturday, October 29, 2016

Goode Vlog Update | Behind the scenes w/ David Wilcock, Sean Stone, Niara Isley(P2)/ Regina Meredeth(P1) & Corey Goode - Part 1 & 2

Behind the scenes w/ David Wilcock, Regina Meredeth & Corey Goode (Cosmic Disclosure) - Part 1

Behind the scenes w/ David Wilcock, Sean Stone, Niara Isley & Corey Goode - Part 1&2


A week of travel with David Wilcock, Sean Stone (The Buzzsaw) and Niara Isley.
Come behind the scenes with Corey Goode as he travels to Boulder, CO to film episodes of Cosmic Disclosure and The BuzzSaw (w/Sean Stone) at Gaia TV.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Off Planet Radio: Designers of the Solar System with James Horak (From the Archives) #2011

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OffPlanet Radio Show Podcast–Randy Maugans with James C. Horak
Read Norman-Bergrund-The Ringmakers-Of-Saturn-PDF

Researcher, contactee, enemy of the NWO, and expounder of the “EMVs – Designers of the Solar System”… James Horak joins us for an off planet romp into the unknown, and often unspoken realms of cosmology: EMVs, electromagnetic vehicles…seen in the corona of the sun and in the rings of Saturn.

Following the work of Dr. Norman Bergrun, a former Fellow of the Ames Space Center and the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and his book, “The Ringmakers of Saturn”; James Horath unfolds a story of the fantastic beings who “manage” the energy interchanges of the solar system and galaxies.

A childhood contactee by the greys, whom he terms as EBEs (extra-biological entities…essentially robotic “meat puppets” which are non-sentient creations of a long transcended civilization), James makes the distinctions between these entities and the numerous sentient, and peaceful, ETs who are in close contact and proximity to the Earth.

He discusses the suppressed scientific and spiritual nature of the universe, why humans on this planet have been deliberately lied to, subverted, and enslaved on every level by evil controllers whose only goal is to reduce the population of the planet and enslave totally…mind, body, and soul…this race who are creations of a Divine God. A creation with a spectacular destiny, and one that is emerging even now, against all odds…even in the face of annihilation. He warns of the impending “ET” deception to be foisted on the planetary peoples by this same corrupt power structure, and how it may be used to create the final stage takeover of Earth, its assets, and inhabitants. Controversial…decidely “against the grain”, and steeped in the wisdom of one who has “been there”…listen and decide for yourself!

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The music for this show is from Jimi Hendrix, a kindred spirit and traveler who “saw”…
“There are other people in the solar system, you know, and they have the same feelings too, not necessarily bad feelings, but see, it upsets their way of living for instance – and they are a whole lot heavier than we are. And it’s no war games, because they all keep the same place. But like the solar system is going through a change soon and it’s going to affect the Earth in about 30 years.” -Jimi Hendrix,

Our thanks to: Patrice at Information Machine for arranging the interview, to Torz Baron Copely for the EMVSInfo website, and to OmetaOne (“Shuny”) for the video production on James’ behalf.