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Clif High: The business of the break-away civilization and how to exploit it for pleasure and profit.

The business of the break-away civilization and how to exploit it for pleasure and profit. 


by clif high, December 28, 2015


With respect, i am assuming that any reader of these words is familiar with the concept and context of the break-away civilization.

However familiar you may be with the break-away civilization as an outsider, you may not have considered just what the business of the break-away civilization really is, and what it can do to enhance your life and future.

Consider please that the mere existence of the break-away civilization (reinforced by endless evidence not pertinent to this discussion) provides us with some very interesting thoughts. Firstly that as big and hairy assed dominant as government may be, it is not a whole civilization. Thus, the break-away civilization is indeed built and powered by these nasty international corporations currently so oppressive a force on our planet.

Now, we know that all corporations, and all inter-corporation relationships are ALL modeled on hierarchial top-down management principles. Thus we may assume that a whole break-away civilization, with secret space programs, and interplanetary whoishewhatisits, must, as a necessity, have a pyramid of supporting sub contractors working their afterburners off making all of the components required of the larger, break-away civilization.

It must be thus as we do not have 'single source' industrial creation at scale here on earth. And again, it would naturally follow that the further down the pyramidical hierarchial structure one goes, the less knowledge the sub-contractor will have about the real use of the product. Many if not most of all of the sub-contractors are likely just 'makers' who are building complex products to minutely examined specifications. Some may suspect their products go into 'black projects', but few will have a large enough perspective to be able to place themselves in the 'break-away civilization' organization chart.
Which is good for us guys, us 'earthers', or 'ground hogs'. It is good as it means that all one really has to do to 'piggy back' the break-away civilization, is to develop a relationship with the sub-contractors. Many of the subs will simply sell their products to which ever corporation orders and pays for them. They are providing goods far enough down the chain as to be outside the 'secrecy wall'. Thus their motivation is to sell more product to make more money. You will find that these subs are used to selling all of their 'specified products' to a single or just a few up-stream corporations. Frequently they are not closed to new business, just that they have never had any interest in their ZZZZ product line until you come along asking to purchase some.

Just as with the 'solar panel' industry, 'those who know, save dough'. Almost all solar panel manufacturers have a reject rate that places any number of 'bad cells' into either their 'waste disposal' channel, or their 'seconds/damaged goods channels'. It is easy to repair by hand many of the flaws and damaged components within the PV cells. While not profitable nor practical at an industrial level, the individual maker can do quite well with simple tools and technology 'discards'. If one is aware enough to know they exist and learn to track them down...again, as the engineering saying goes, 'those who know, saves their dough'.

This is especially true in our current economically depressed planetary environment. Deflation will produce absolute bargains for the components you need for your 'personal time portal', or as in my case, a 'hovering/flying RV' capable of holding my proa (a boat) as the government funding stream drys up which will in its turn squeeze the corporations at all levels, none more severely than those that support the 'black projects' world (for reasons not pertinent to this essay).

Now, further good thoughts include the idea of 'confirmation' of your concept. Since we know the break-away civilization has, as example, successfully created cool floaty triangle 'space ships', we can assume that there is a whole lot of sub component manufacture going on. Thus when you do your sketch up for your project, and you realize that you will be requiring, say, nano-particles of paramagnetic alloys of Manganese/Tin, you could try to produce your own, or simply look around to see if there are any (currently) well funded manufacturers of such. Should you find them, not only can you then save the effort of producing it yourself, but also you will then be certain you are on the correct path as the break-away boys have been there first, and we know, successfully.

So, a bit of research to locate the appropriate suppliers and bobs-your-uncle, you are on your way to (and presumably through) your personal time portal (or other break-away civilization toy). Plus, the research of find out just what is available out there (start with CERN sub contractors and work back toward USA by way of the internationals) will reveal all kinds of really cool things with which to tinker about.

By the way, for those who do build time portals, the idea is that you can't wear metal into electric fields of that strength so you will be needing a whole new kit of non metallic clothing, including belts, and shoes and such. And wonder of wonders, new in the last 10/ten years are composite resin belt buckles and woven plastic fiber belts as well as lace up 'expedition boots' with hardened plastic grommets and non-sparking (non metallic) reinforced toes and soles for those 'demanding surfaces'. i note ironically that nowhere within their sales literature was 'terrain' used when discussing things that one may walk upon....hmmmmm?

So, have at it, the break-away boys are/have paid a way to existence via the sheer number of their subcontractors....the ultimate makers resource!

by clif high 2015 all rights reserved.

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