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Joseph Farrell: Nazis and Roswell - Dreamland (P1) & Jim Marrs Off Planet Nazis (P2) - 14 August 2010

08/14/10 - Dreamland: Nazis and Roswell

What if the Roswell Incident didn't involve the crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft, but rather was an example of secret terrestrial technology? As the author of Majestic, Whitley Strieber would fall into the group who believes that the debris found represented ET technology, but what if that is NOT true, and something very different took place?

Listen as Joseph Farrell outlines the audacious hypothesis that Nazi technology was involved at Roswell - and that the possessors of this technology are still keeping it secret, and that they represent nothing less than a hidden superpower on earth.

This interview touches on such things as the ghost rocket that was recently seen over Newfoundland, to the implications of what Gary McKinnon found on NASA's computers, and why the US government will stop at nothing to imprison him forever.

In the interview, Whitley mentions the ghost rocket story that appeared on on June 3, 2010 , and you can read it here.

Subscribers can also listen to Joseph Farrell's previous Dreamland interviews, and to Linda Moulton Howe's 2006 interview with Gary McKinnon.

Joseph Farrell's website is http://www.

Jim Marrs, Joseph Farrell   Off Planet Nazis- 14 August 2010 (p2) 

08/14/10 - For Subscribers: A Human Presence Off-Planet?
For our subscribers, Jim Marrs has a stunning discussion about the possibility that, while Germany was destroyed during World War II, the Nazis not only were not destroyed, they survived in possession of huge economic resources and technology so powerful that it has enabled mankind to create a presence off-planet - a presence that has become a hidden intermediary between our own earthly governments and an extraterrestrial presence.

Joseph Farrell's website is http://www.
Jim Marrs website is

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